Hybrid Designs Terms & Conditions

Please read before using Hybrid Design

  • Any questions or queries should be asked before using Hybrid Design. We accept that you have read and understood these conditions covering the business dealings of Hybrid Design, and you acknowledge that you are bound by these terms when trading with us.

Payment Shedule

Hybrid Design will require a 50% part payment before commencing any work, with the remaining 50% payable on approval of design proofs.NO work will commence until these terms are met.


Website Design

Hybrid Design will require a 50% deposit before commencing any work, with a further 25% payable on approval of design proofs. The remaining 25% is to be paid before posting of website. Domains & hosting are to be supplied or paid for in full before website design and implementation. Full payment of site is to be finalised before posting of site or in 30 days, which ever occurs first. It is not the responsibility of Hybrid Design to chase website content. Any delays in sourcing content or finalising content or changes etc are not the responsibility of Hybrid Design.



Hybrid Design will not be held to, or bound by, any verbal quotations made and will only honour, written quotations agreed upon and signed by both Hybrid Design and the Customer. This will be considered to be valid only after Hybrid Design has received and examined the relevant samples. All quotations are valid for 30 days. All quotations are based on current production costs and are subject to adjust accordingly at any time should it become necessary to meet any unforeseen rise or fall in production costs.



Hybrid Design will consider an order to be valid and accepted upon receipt of the Customer's authorization, be it by fax, Email or by verbal agreement. If the Customer wishes to cancel an order, a cancellation fee may be required before agreeing to do so. In the event that the order has already been processed and is in print production then it can not be cancelled under any circumstances.



Proofs are available for inspection and approval by the Customer upon request. Hybrid Design Studio will accept no responsibility or liability for the following: a) Any errors found after the proofs have been examined and approved by the Customer. b) Any materials which the Customer has approved, instructed or given artistic licence to the designer to use. c) Any spelling or grammatical errors appearing in the product and copy, after the proof has been submitted and approved by the Customer. Proofs are deemed to be accepted at the point of receipt, whether or not signed by the Customer. Proofs are NOT colour calibrated and, as such, no responsibility will be taken for any deviation from or difference to the final product, from that of the supplied proofs. Screen Proofs should be used for layout and proof reading purposes only. Screen Proofs should not be taken as an accurate colour proof due to screen colours varying across different monitors. Instructions and orders taken over the telephone will be accepted only by Hybrid Design at the Customer's risk and responsibility.



PAYMENT Hybrid Design does not maintain accounts. Full payment for all goods are required before dispatch and a 50% part payment is required before production is started. Should the Customer's order be delayed or suspended for a period of 30 days as a result of any action or omission by the Customer, Hybrid Design shall be entitled to payment for that part of the order already undertaken. Should the Customer fail to supply any necessary or requested information for a period of more than 14 days and, by doing so, prevent the completion of the order, Hybrid Design is entitled to invoice the Customer for the full amount of the order or an agreed upon value by Hybrid Design.



Hybrid Design will select the most economical and efficient carrier to deliver its goods and services to the Customer. The Company will make every endeavour to deliver the said goods and services on or before the agreed date; however, in the event of any delay, the Customer will not be entitled to cancel or change their order, or hold Hybrid Design responsible for any consequences or damage resulting from such delay. Any damage sustained during the transit of goods remains the sole responsibility of the carrier, and resultant claims will be dealt with in accordance with the carrier's terms and conditions governing such matters. Responsibility remains with the Customer to follow through with any claims. Upon delivery of goods and services, the signature of the Customer or any agent or employee of the Customer, will validate proof of receipt. Should Hybrid Design be unable to obtain a signature, the risk attached to the goods will thereafter be carried by the Customer. The Customer will also be liable for any costs in the form of additional cartage, storage, damage or losses occurring as a result of the Customer refusing to take delivery of the ordered goods. Should the Customer specify a particular form of transport such as overnight delivery, the Customer will bear any additional charges incurred.


Customers Artwork

Customers supplying there own artwork for print will be responsible for all content in it including spelling or grammatical errors and/or any breach of copyright material. Hybrid Design reserves the right to reject any artwork-related material supplied by the Customer, which it considers to be unsuitable. Hybrid Design will not be liable for any breach of copyright material that is supplied in customers’ artwork. All artwork should be submitted as “Press Ready PDF files” and must use the CMYK Colour Gaumet. If Pantone spot colours are required, the PMS reference number must be supplied (additional charges apply for PMS colours). Artwork that is not supplied in the correct “Press Ready PDF” may incur an additional file handling fee.


Risk and Ownership

RISK AND OWNERSHIP Ownership of goods which are the subject of this Contract shall not pass to the Customer until they are paid for in full. However, the risk of the goods shall be carried by the Customer from the date they are collected or delivered to the Customer. All rights of ownership for art and multimedia work remain with Hybrid Design, except where a specific fee has been paid for the acquisition of those services and a certificate issued with the invoice.



The Customer shall be liable for all legal costs, including that of a lawyer and own costs, collection, commission and charges of search agents incurred by Hybrid Design, resulting from any breach on the Customer's part. In the event of any such breach occurring, Hybrid Design is entitled to cancel the Contract and retain all monies paid, without prejudice and within its rights to recover damages.

  • For any further questions or enquiries please Call or E-mail: glenn@hybrid